Repair Process

1. Get an estimate of damage from your collision shop

This should include all visible parts, labor and materials to put your car back to a preaccident condition. Ask the shop about loaner car availability, the type of parts they use and if they have access to your vehicles manufactures repair procedure information.

2. Contact your insurance co or the persons that hit you immediately

Cooperate with the company to complete the claim process, have your vehicles information handy. If they want to see the damage INSIST they send the appraiser out to see it at your convenience. Show the appraiser a copy of the estimate from the shop of YOUR choice, never hand the multiple estimates. The appraiser may attempt to steer you to a shop they choose, just say no!

3. Bring a copy to the shop of your choice to discuss the insurance offer

All the needed information for the shop should be on the estimate. The shop should discuss parts and procedures that may or may not be in your best interest and how they plan to handle it. Insurance co's write for many parts that are not recommended by your vehicles manufacture. Now is the time to schedule an appointment to have the repairs started.

4. Review and sign paper work, get the keys to your loaner

It will be necessary for you to authorize repairs, to allow the work to be done. Sign a “Designated Representative” form, this allows the shop to discuss the claim with the insurance co.on your behalf. Sign an “ Assignment of Claim and Proceeds” form. This allows the shop to collect the monies sent on your claim and to collect in the case of short pays. Sign a “Privacy Statement” so your personal information will not be sold to a 3rd party. Sign a “Consumer Consent” form authorizing the shop to take whatever means necessary to collect from the liable party in short pay cases. Sign a loaner contract for the vehicle you will be driving, don’t forget to bring your drivers license.

5. Repairs begin, parts are pre-ordered

Your vehicle is thoroughly checked in paper work is processed and the repair team put in place. The damage is disassembled and new parts are compared and verified for accuracy. Additional and hidden damage is diagnosed, documented and a “blueprint” of the repair is completed.

6. Repairs continue and the insurance co is notified

Structural and parts repairs continue with manufactures data reviewed as needed. The insurance co is notified of all deficiency in their estimate offer. Negotiations commence and all additional cost are reviewed with the appraiser. You can follow along on our exclusive on line tracking and receive important updates and delivery date adjustments.

7. Pre-assembly is followed by refinishing

The insurance co in most cases has two working days after notification to re-inspect damage and submit a written offer. Approved repairs and refinishing continue additional parts ordered.

8. Final assembly and detail

Your vehicle is Reassembled using proper parts and procedures. A complete comprehensive final inspection form is signed by each technician. A management team representative completes a final physical inspection checking panel alignment, finish texture and all repair residue is removed.

9. Billing and final review

All invoices and labor operations are reviewed for accuracy. The final bill is prepared and a determination is made if the claim needs to go to collections for any short pay. With the Assignment of claim Jeffrey's will pursue collections of items the insurance co does not want to pay for. We handle all payment collections from the insurance carrier or 3rd party. You will be responsible only for any deductible if applicable or any checks sent you for repair or loaner payments.

10. You are called, texted or emailed as you prefer for delivery


If you have an insurance claim, definitely use Jeffrey's. Just their reputation was enough for the insurance company to do the right thing. They were helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
Amy Alvarez
I brought my Mitsubishi Lancer in after a rear end accident. Jeff met with me personally and went through the assessment with me. He said it would cost more than the insurance company estimated because of hidden damage and assured me that he would fix the car right, making sure the insurance company would cover the cost. The car was fixed on time and I loved the website to track the process. My car came back to me as good as new. I have recommended Jeff to anyone who needs a body shop.
Daniel Young

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